Enrique Echeverria

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Enrique  Echeverria Enrique Echeverria- Alic- Matthews Gallery
Oil on Canvas
24 x 24 in
Enrique  Echeverria Enrique Echeverria- Reminiscencias- Matthews Gallery
Oil on Canvas
24.5 x 31.5 in

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Enrique  Echeverria

Enrique Echeverria

Enrique Echeverria Description

Enrique Echeverría (1923-1972) was born in México City in 1923. He relinquished a career in aeronautics to study painting in 1943, under maestro Arturo Souto – and it was at this early stage, no doubt, that he acquired his masterly use of black and learned the emotional qualities to be gained from a low-toned palette in the dignity and nobility of his often sombre paintings, charged with poetical suggestion and overtones.

Echeverria was an early proponent of modernism in Mexico, and would become one of the most notable members of the Generacion de la Ruptura (Rupture Generation), a cohort of artists that would put the nation on the national art stage.

Check out Echeverria's oil painting "Alic" in our collection.

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