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WHD  Koerner WHD Koerner- March Without Glory- Matthews Gallery
March Without Glory
Oil on Linen
23 x 44.5 in

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WHD  Koerner

WHD Koerner

WHD Koerner Description

Wilhelm Heinrich Detlev Körner (1878–1938), also known as Wilhelm Heinrich Dethlef Koerner, William HD Koerner, WHDK, or W.H.D. Koerner, was a noted illustrator of the American West whose works became known to new audiences when his painting, nicknamed A Charge to Keep, was used as the cover image for the ghostwritten biography by the same name by George W. Bush. This painting, which hung in the Oval Office during the Bush presidency was of especial interest to journalists due to the interpretation given by Mr. Bush of the painting's meaning in light of the meaning and title attached to the painting by the artist.

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