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Gene  Kloss Gene Kloss- Riders at Sundown- Matthews Gallery
Riders at Sundown
Drypoint and Aquatint
9.125 x 12.75 in
Gene  Kloss Gene Kloss- Untitled Indian Women- Matthews Gallery
Untitled (Indian Women)
27 x 34.5 in
Gene  Kloss Gene Kloss- Return of the Woodgathers- Matthews Gallery
Return of the Woodgatherers
Drypoint and Aquatint
10.625 x 14.5 in
Gene  Kloss Gene Kloss- Windcarved- Matthews Gallery
Drypoint and Aquatint
19 x 25.25 in

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Gene  Kloss

Gene Kloss

Gene Kloss Description

Gene Kloss (1903-1996) was born in Oakland, California and took her first trip to Taos with her husband in 1925. She would bring her printing press on subsequent journeys, setting it up near her campsite and printing en plein air. New Mexico eventually became her permanent home, and the prints she made of Southwestern landscapes and people remain her best-known work.

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