Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer

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Jean-Baptiste  Monnoyer Attrib. Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer- Untitled Still Life circa 1659- Matthews Gallery
Untitled (Still Life), c. 1659
Oil on Canvas
43 x 34 in

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Jean-Baptiste  Monnoyer

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer Description

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (1636-1699) was born in Lille, France and trained in Antwerp, where he learned the still life painting techniques of the Low Countries. Back in France, the artist received high profile commissions from Louis XIV, including decorative floral painting projects in the Queen's apartment at Seine and the Palace of Versailles.

Monnoyer's lavish surroundings pushed him to develop a bolder, more ornamental style that contrasted with the more traditional approach of some contemporaries. His engravings of different types of flowers served as references for French tapestry workshops, and greatly influenced interior design across Europe.

Monnoyer moved to England in 1678, where he continued to paint until his death. He is buried in St. James Church in London.

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