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Dorothy  Morang Oranges and Teapot
Oranges and Teapot
Oil on Canvas
27.25 x 23.25 in
Dorothy  Morang Dorothy Morang- Summer Storm circa 1942- Watercolor
Summer Storm, c. 1942
16 x 19.5 in
Dorothy  Morang Dorothy Morang- Untitled Abstract 1955- Matthews Gallery
Untitled (Abstract), 1955
24.5 x 18 in

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Dorothy  Morang

Dorothy Morang

Dorothy Morang Description

Dorothy Clark Morang (1906-1994) was born in Richmond, Maine. She met Alfred Morang in 1925, while studying at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Alfred was a violinist and Dorothy a pianist. They married on June 13, 1930 and moved to Portland, Maine soon after. An excerpt from Walt Wiggins' Alfred Morang biography A Neglected Master:

The Morangs moved into a small but pleasant studio which Alfred had discovered overlooking the docks in Portland. There they lived comfortably on Alfred's allowance from his uncle, and occasional check from his father and earnings from Alfred's violin and Dorothy's piano instructions. They painted dock scenes together, and Alfred shared with his bride the many techniques he had learned from the masters, [Carroll S.] Tyson and [Henry Bayley] Snell. Dorothy was a self-taught painter since childhood.

The couple moved to Santa Fe in 1937 in an effort to alleviate Alfred's tuberculosis. In the City Different, they landed in the center of a colorful circle of artists. They threw Saturday night salons at their home not far from Canyon Road and taught music and painting to make ends meet. 

Dorothy and Alfred divorced in 1950, but she looked out for him for the rest of his life and arranged the transfer of his estate to a Morang relative after his death in 1958. Dorothy was an impressive painter in her own right—in the pastel in our collection, she draws inspiration from the Transcendental Painting Group, for which her husband acted as press secretary. She worked for many years at the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts, primarily as a curator. An excerpt from an oral history interview with Dorothy Morang by Sylvia Loomis in the Archives of American Art:

SYLVIA LOOMIS: Were you painting after you got to Santa Fe?

DOROTHY MORANG: Yes, I started even more seriously. I’d been working quite steadily in Portland, Maine – Alfred and I lived there for about seven years before we came here – and I went on and worked very seriously with some criticism from Alfred and from Raymond Jonson, who was living in Santa Fe then. […] Alfred had also taken up writing, and he was very active, as you know, on radio, too, interviewing artists on the radio. He had an interview program for several years. He was extremely active.

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