Jozef Bakos

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Jozef  Bakos Cottonwoods
32 x 26 in
Jozef  Bakos Madroma
32 x 40 in
Jozef  Bakos Road Woodside
Road Woodside
32 x 40 in
Jozef  Bakos Untitled (Woodland Scene)
Untitled (Woodland Scene)
32 x 40 in

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Jozef  Bakos

Jozef Bakos

Jozef Bakos Description

Jozef Bakos (1891-1977) An eloquent contributor to modernism in the American
Southwest, Josef Bakos was member of “Los Cinco Pintores,” Spanish for Five
Painters, the first artist group in New Mexico devoted to modernism and bringing art to
the people of New Mexico; those who worked in factories, mines, etc. so that they could
have a greater appreciation of beauty.
The son of Polish immigrants; Bakos grew up in Buffalo, New York. He studied at the
Art School at the Albright Art Gallery with Jon Thompson, who introduced him to
Cezanne whom he followed suit including becoming a plein-air painter. In1918, Bakson
followed Thompson to Denver, Colorado and worked as an art teacher in Boulder.
1920 found Bakos settling in Santa Fe; one of his first jobs encompassed carving
furniture fir La Fonda Hotel. In 1929, he married Teresa Di Locci De Lanti; she was
countess and concert pianist. They were a staple in the expanding artistic colony in
Santa Fe. Bakos’s works are featured in major collections of major museums, e.g.,
Whitney Museum of American Art, The Brooklyn Museum and Denver Art Museum.

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