Agnes Tait

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Agnes  Tait Agnes Tait- Sunday in May- Matthews Gallery
Sunday in May
Oil on Panel
30 x 26 in

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Agnes  Tait

Agnes Tait

Agnes Tait Description

Agnes Tait (1894-1981) was born in Greenwich Village, New York City. As a young woman, she secretly applied to the National Academy of Design, and was surprised to find that her parents supported her enrollment. Early in her career, she focused on art and dance, performing on a New York chorus line. In 1927, she spent time in Paris and studied lithography at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Upon her return to New York, she rented a studio and started exhibiting her work. The Great Depression strained the art market and prompted her to paint portraits of public figures. Tait completed her most notable work, titled Skating in Central Park, in 1934 on a grant from the Public Works of Art Project. She moved to Santa Fe in 1941, and spent her time here between travels to Europe and Mexico.

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