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Eric G.  Thompson After Tea
After Tea
Oil on Canvas
30 x 35.5 in
Eric G.  Thompson Gate Keeper
Gate Keeper
Oil on Panel
43 x 31 in
Eric G.  Thompson Reclining Nude
Reclining Nude
Oil on Panel
31.5 x 44.25 in
Eric G.  Thompson Summer Song
Summer Song
Egg Tempera on Panel
31.75 x 25.5 in
Eric G.  Thompson Winter Zen
Winter Zen
Oil on Panel
41.75 x 31.25 in
Eric G.  Thompson Sleeping In
Sleeping In
Oil on Canvas
27 x 35 in
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Eric G.  Thompson

Eric G. Thompson

Eric G. Thompson Description

Eric G. Thompson captures stillness. He captures moments. Whether he is painting in oil, egg tempera or watercolor, he is seeking to evoke a haunting memory, a lost feeling.

In a fast-paced world of deadlines, obligations and busyness, Eric invites you into the peace that he has enveloped within this momentary glimpse in time. Believing that we all seek silence, without even realizing it, he implores you to dwell on something you otherwise would have overlooked, or have long-forgotten. Literally and figuratively, he sheds light into the attics of our lives, even if it is just to awaken a feeling buried deep within the viewer.

A major influence on Eric’s work is the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, an appreciation of imperfection, age and patina, often referred to as “flawed beauty.” Balance and light are also key elements found in every painting he creates.

Like the characters of the objects, figures and houses Eric paints, his technique has been refined through life experience. He is completely self-taught, and believes this process has led him to find a unique voice and vision, through perseverance, trial and error. A painter since 1989, Eric now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been selling his work professionally since 2002. He paints from his travels and the treasures discovered along the way, and he chooses his medium based on the mood he wishes to convey.

Eric will continue to paint, evoking our memories, shedding light on the beauty and solitude of ordinary moments once forgotten, now glorified before us in fluid brushstrokes. Eric seeks to find greatness in the most humble of subject matter, illustrated by Elbert Hubbard’s words, hanging in his studio: “Little minds are interested in the extraordinary; great minds in the commonplace.”

See Thompson's work in his solo exhibition this summer, opening Friday, August 14. Learn more about the artist on the Matthews Gallery blog.



Matthews Gallery, Solo Show, “Breaking Through with Light”, Santa Fe, NM


Matthews Gallery, Solo Show, “Shadow Play”, Santa Fe, NM


Matthews Gallery, Solo Show, “Glimpses of Solitude”, Santa Fe, NM


Deloney Newkirk Gallery, Solo Show, “Visual Haiku”, Santa Fe, NM


Deloney Newkirk Gallery, Solo Show, “Contemporary Realism”, Santa Fe, NM


Deloney Newkirk Gallery, Solo Show, “Light and Silence”, Santa Fe, NM


Deloney Newkirk Gallery, Solo Show, “Glorification of the Everyday”, Santa Fe, NM


“A” Gallery, Holiday Group Show, Salt Lake City, UT

“A” Gallery, Four-person Show, Salt Lake City, UT


“A” Gallery, Holiday Group Show, Salt Lake City, UT

Bountiful/Davis Art Center, Two-person Show, Bountiful, UT


Utah County Art Gallery, Provo, UT

Barnes and Noble at Sugarhouse Commons, Salt Lake City, UT


Springville Museum of Art, 18th Annual Religious and Spiritual Show, Springville, UT

15th and 15th Gallery, Solo Show, Salt Lake City, UT


Oasis Cafe, Solo Show, Salt Lake City, UT



Award of Merit, Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon, Springville, UT


Fourth Place, Spring Art Show, Utah County Historic Courthouse Gallery, Provo, UT

Merit Award, “Showing Off Utah 2003,” Utah County Historic Courthouse Gallery, ?Provo, UT




“The Simple Life,” Feature article, June issue, American Art Collector Magazine, p. 144



“Wild Hogs”, Full-length feature film


“Plain Song”, Hallmark Movie of the Week


“Touched By An Angel”, Caroline Film’s weekly TV sitcom


“Touched By An Angel”, Caroline Film’s weekly TV sitcom










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