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It Happened In Old Santa Fe


Columnist Lorraine Carr reported on Alfred Morang's memorial service for the Santa Fe New Mexican on Feb. 10, 1958.

It was a saddened group that gathered at the Art Museum Sunday afternoon to say goodbye to Alfred Morang. Dr. Reginald Fisher said: "Friends, this is not a funeral; we are simply gathered here for a creative expression of merit and appreciation of spirit that has been active in an activity that we in Santa Fe like to call art. Alfred was an inventive, searching and daring spirit; as French as Lautrec, yet he never saw Paris. He lived a tragic life and died a tragic death. And last week his restless spirit found rest."

Randall Davey said: "I did not know until 30 minutes ago that I was to pay a tribute here, and 30 minutes ago I was doing just what Alfred Morang would have been doing were he alive—painting! I have known Alfred since the day he arrived back in '37. In fact I met him at the bus the day he arrived. He was a kind, a gentle and a humble soul and in all of those years I never heard him speak unkindly of his fellow man. He was a great painter, many of you did not think so, because often he sold his work for a mere pittance through necessity. Nevertheless it was great art and the happiest work I have seen in New Mexico. He had a love and delight for painting and I doubt that anyone will surpass him in his field."

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