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Morang Show 9


A Brief History: When Alfred Morang was a teenager he took to the nightclubs of Boston with his trusty violin. He had been a sickly child, bedridden and unable to attend school, his mother and uncle soon recognized his fiery creativity and hired private tutors to teach you Morang the nuances of music and painting. Morang grew from a talented tot to a full-fledged young Renaissance Man. Over time his passionate musical performances earned him enough money to not only survive but to thrive as a musician. For Morang this was the beginning of a lifelong artistic journey.

A century later, Morang’s violin launched yet another adventure; Morang and Friends co-curator Paul Parker was researching Morang’s life when he came upon a letter by the artist’s longtime wife Dorothy Morang. After Morang’s tragic death in a studio fire, Dorothy was having a hard time finding an heir to his worldly possessions when she’d finally contacted a distant relative, and was arranging the shipment of a few items collected from the ruins of Morang’s Canyon Road casita.

The letter was Parker’s first clue in a treasure hunt that spanned the nation and stretched to the farthest branches of the Morang family tree. At the end of the trail was a treasure trove that connected the dots of Morang’s life, from his early years as a celebrated musician and writer to his time as an iconic Santa Fe artist. Morang’s well-worn violin, blackened by the fire, is perhaps Parker’s most striking find.

Read the whole story behind our Morang and Friends show on the Matthews Gallery blog, and in this week's Pasatiempo.

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