Photos - Alfred Morang in Pasatiempo- Santa Fe New Mexican- Matthews Gallery



Our Morang and Friends show made the cover of Pasatiempo! An excerpt from Michael Abatemarco's story 'To Paris with Love':

Morang and Friends is a rare sort of show for a Canyon Road gallery. Intent on presenting a visual record of the time, its co-curators have included about 40 works by the artist as well as a few made by his students at the Morang School of Fine Art, Janet Lippincott most notable among them. Also on exhibit are several of Morang’s personal effects, such as his violin, scorched in the fatal 1958 fire, as well as sketches, photographs, and a few wine and whiskey jugs the artist probably painted to make a quick buck (Morang often sold his artwork cheaply) — all from private collections. These are the sorts of holdings museums are more likely to show, but for Parker, Morang and Friends is a labor of love, not just an estate, or secondary-market, type of show. “It’s an attempt to reacquaint the public with a seminal artist not only because of his own work, but because of his influence,” Matthews said.

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