Henri Matisse

Henri  Matisse - Henri Matisse- Nu Au Bracelet- Matthews Gallery

Nu Au Bracelet

Drypoint Etching, edition of 12  
12.5 x 9 5/8 in


Signed l.r. by the signature stamp used by the Matisse Heirs.


Matisse (1869-1954) was an innovative and prolific printmaker as well as a painter and sculptor.

He created the plate for this etching in 1929. However, no edition was created at that time and Matisse stored the plate in his studio. The only edition from the plate was printed expressly for the Matisse family in 1983 and issued along with the Matisse Oeuvre Gravé catalogue.

This etching exemplifies the characteristically lyrical expression of Matisse’s draughtsmanship.


Private collection, Santa Fe


Duthuit, Matisse L’Oeuvre Gravé no. 125.


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