Hannah Holliday Stewart

Blue Mesa (Bronze)

30 x 6 x 6 in



Click here to view a wood maquette of this bronze sculpture.

Over the course of her career, Hannah Holliday Stewart (1924-2010) worked in many different mediums. In the 1950's, she studied under Bauhaus ceramicist Margeurite Wildenhain in California and won a scholarship to study at the Oxbow Summer School of Painting in Michigan.

Later on, Stewart studied wood carving in Arizona. Among the works that remained in her studio after her death in 2010 were ceramic, cast glass, granite, wood and wire artworks.


Click here to view 'I Wanted To See The Wind', our catalog of Stewart's work. Read our biography of Hannah Holliday Stewart, and learn more about her on the Matthews Gallery blog.

Click the image to view a larger version.


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