Hannah Holliday Stewart


4 x 6 x 1 in


Hannah Holliday Stewart (1924 - 2010) exhibited in over 40 venues including The Smithsonian, Washington, DC; the San Francisco Museum of Art; the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia; the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts and others. Her artwork and her career were instrumental to the increased recognition of women sculptors in the United States.

Stewart was based in Houston for most of her career, and held teaching positions at St. Thomas University and the University of Houston. This quote from Rainier Maria Rilke was among Stewart's lecture notes from St. Thomas University: "Art does not ultimately tend to produce more artists. It does not mean to call anyone over to it; indeed, it has always been my guess that it is not concerned at all with any effect. But while its creations have issued irresistibly from an inexhaustible source, stand there strangely quiet and surpassable among things it may be that involuntarily they become somehow exemplary for every human activity by reason of their innate disinterestedness, freedom and intensity."


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