Alfred Morang

Cat in Window, 1955

Watercolor and Ink  
17 x 15 in


Image dimensions: 10.5 x 8 inches


Alfred Morang (1901-1958) liked to say that his many feline friends paid for themselves. He used the money he made from selling portraits of his pets to buy cat food. An excerpt from the April, 1978 issue of Santa Fean Magazine:

There were always cats. The Morangs were very fond of cats and always had at least six of them plus, at appropriate times, litters of kittens. Like most cats, these were usually tactful and well behaved until they found a person who was either afraid of or allergic to them and then they would snuggle right up. Stories about the Morang's cats are still circulating at cocktail time in Santa Fe.

The day after Morang's death, the Santa Fe New Mexican printed a photo of one of the cats perched sadly atop a blackened mattress. The caption read, "Mourning For Her Master... this lonely cat was found wandering through the charred ruins of the home of her master Alfred Morang. The cat is on the bed where he died."


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