Adolph Gottlieb

Green Foreground, 1972

Lithograph in Colors  
30 x 38.5 in

Unframed dimensions: 27.5 x 36 in.

Number 42 out of 150. Signed "Adolph Gottlieb 1972" lower left.


Adolph Gottlieb (1903-1974) was one of the founding fathers of the abstract expressionist movement in New York City. This lithograph is from one of his most well-known bodies of work called the Imaginary Landscapes Series. From the artist:

"Around 1950-51… I was finally getting away from the pictographs and looking for something… So it was necessary to find other forms, a different changed concept. So finally after a certain period of transition I hit on dividing the canvas into two parts, which then became like an imaginary landscape… What I was really trying to do when I got away from the pictographs was to make this notion of the kind of polarity clearer and more extreme. So the most extreme thing that I could think of doing at the time was dividing the canvas in half, make two big divisions and put something in the upper division and something in the lower section."

Gottlieb's Imaginary Landscapes preceded a similar series called Burst.


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