July 14, 2015
Eric G. Thompson: New Works

Friday, August 14, 5-7 pm


Eric G. Thompson: New Works Draws Influence from Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic

Santa Fe, NM— A sun bleached rocking chair, the wind weathered facade of an old house, and a pair of muddy gardening clogs. To the average viewer, these objects warrant little more than a casual glance. Utah artist Eric G. Thompson captures them in stunning detail with oil, watercolor and egg tempera paint, guided by a centuries-old Japanese aesthetic. His latest contemporary realist paintings will appear in his upcoming solo show Eric G. Thompson: New Works, opening at Matthews Gallery on Friday, August 14 from 5-7 pm and closing August 28.

“Eric’s artwork possesses an elegant serenity that often stops our visitors in their tracks,” says gallery owner Lawrence Matthews. “The allure lies in the way he plays with light, illuminating beautiful details but also revealing hints of entropy and decay.” This careful balance between order and chaos is drawn from the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, a major influence on Thompson’s work. The tradition encourages appreciation of imperfection, age and patina, often referred to as “flawed beauty.”

“Objects have spirit. An old cup is like a person,” says Thompson. Like the characters of the objects, figures and houses Thompson paints, his technique has been refined through life experience. He is completely self-taught, and believes this process has led him to find a unique voice and vision, through perseverance, trial and error. A painter since 1989, Thompson now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been selling his work professionally since 2002. He paints from his travels and the treasures discovered along the way, and he chooses his medium based on the mood he wishes to convey.

Matthews Gallery will hold a special Skype session with Thompson during the opening on Friday, August 14. For more information, please contact Matthews Gallery at 505-992-2882, or email us at jordan@thematthewsgallery.com or lawrence@thematthewsgallery.com.

Click here to browse Eric G. Thompson's artwork, and learn more about the show on our exhibition page.

Download:   Eric G. Thompson: New Works

Friday, August 14, 5-7 pm


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